Welcome to the world of the Don Elon Musk Token (DEM), an innovative cryptocurrency based on the generous and philanthropic vision of Elon Musk. The DEM aims to revolutionize the distribution of wealth on a global scale by offering every individual the opportunity to receive a symbolic share of Elon Musk's fortune.


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EMAIL : prims.group.ltd@gmail.com

"DEM Token: A New Era of Accessibility and Democratic Mining Innovation


Discover DEM Token, the revolutionary cryptocurrency where liquidity is locked Guarantee of stability and transparency,

“DEM Token: Redefining Wealth Distribution for a Global Philanthropic Era”
  Don Elon Musk Token, a revolutionary cryptocurrency embodying the generous vision of iconic entrepreneur Elon Musk. If Elon Musk shared his fortune estimated at 251.3 billion US dollars with the people of the world, each individual would symbolically receive 32 USD. DON ELON MUSK TOKEN Made up of 251.3 billion Token, represents the fortune of Elon Musk and is on sale at the starting price of 32 USD for the total supply of 251300000000 Token, symbolizing fair sharing. for a new start with 32 USD which represents the share of an individual in case of sharing.
at launch on 02/18/2024 all tokens, i.e. 251300000000 DEM, were deposited on pancake swap (no team tokens)
It's a new start for everyone, aiming for capitalization equivalent to Elon Musk's fortune. DEM Token will build on the major DEM TOKEN WALLET project, revolutionizing transactions, online lending, investment and fund placement and financial education application. Join DEM Token for an era of shared prosperity and exciting financial opportunities. Welcome to this innovative project, where fairness, innovation and security redefine the standards of cryptocurrency

Don Elon Musk Scan Results

Anti Whale✅ No

Hidden Owner(s)✅ No

Mint Function✅ No

Honeypot✅ Clean


Don Elon Musk Scan Results

Open Source✅ Yes

Proxy Contract✅ No

Blacklist✅ No


Don Elon Musk Scan Results

Can Take Back Ownership✅ No

Owner Can Change Balance✅ No

Self-destruct✅ No

Have extra calls✅ No

Adress contrat DEM token:

0x939F8841A10c0bA2585b0Ae5899e8366f1DbD58BBNB  BSC








DEM Token: Redefining Wealth Distribution for a Global Philanthropic Era"


 the Don Elon Musk Token, a revolutionary cryptocurrency that embodies the generous vision of iconic entrepreneur Elon Musk. Our token is shaped by the extraordinary idea that if Elon Musk's estimated fortune, amounting to $251.3 billion, were to be equitably shared among the 8 billion inhabitants of our planet, each person could receive a significant sum of $32.


DEM Token goes beyond being a mere cryptocurrency; it encapsulates the spirit of philanthropy and global equity. Drawing inspiration from one of the most successful visionaries of our time, DEM Token aims to make a positive impact on a global scale.


Key Features of DEM Token:

1. **Equitable Sharing:** DEM Token symbolizes the concept of wealth-sharing for the betterment of humanity, emphasizing that everyone, regardless of their location, deserves a share of global success.


2. **Secure Blockchain:** Built on robust blockchain technology, DEM Token ensures the security and transparency needed to establish user trust.

3. **Universal Accessibility:** Designed to be accessible to all, DEM Token provides an equal opportunity for participation in a global digital economy.


4. **Philanthropic Engagement:** DEM Token encourages and facilitates philanthropic initiatives, motivating token holders to contribute to global causes.


Join us in this unique venture where wealth is redefined, philanthropy is celebrated, and DEM Token becomes the catalyst for positive global change. Join us today and be a part of this new era of sharing and global prosperity!

"DEM Wallet:


Your gateway to seamless utility for DEN Token transactions, ensuring convenience, security, and a streamlined digital experience."


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"DEM Token WALLET : Your seamless money transfer app. Instant, secure, and community-driven. Redefining the way you send and receive funds."



"DEM Token WALLET : Your trusted online lending app, unlocking financial possibilities with seamless borrowing, transparency, and community empowerment."






"Invest and empower with DEM Token WALLET : Your gateway to innovative investment and participatory financing. Join the financial revolution toda




DEM Token: Revolution of Eternal Liquidity and Engaged Community”


  DEM Token, the first cryptocurrency where liquidity is in constant equivalence with market capitalization. Our innovative vision is based on a fundamental principle: the liquidity of DEM Token will always be aligned with its market cap. But that's not all. We go further by locking liquidity permanently, making DEM Token not only stable but also secure for eternity.

DEM Token is not just a cryptocurrency, it is a community dedicated to shared prosperity. Our motto is simple: the strength of DEM Token lies in the unity of its community. Every DEM Token holder is an active participant in building a more equitable financial future.

Join this revolution where transparency, stability and community engagement are at the heart of our approach. DEM Token, much more than a cryptocurrency, embodies the idea that financial success can be shared and secured for generations to come. Join the DEM Token community today and spearhead a new era of trust and prosperity.




"DEM Token: Investment, Safe and Secure."


“DEM Token: Liquidity locked forever, ensuring stability and trust without compromise.”


"DEM Token: Fixed supply of 251.3 billion, ensuring stability and no future increase."


“DEM TOKEN, a dynamic capitalization reflecting global equity, symbolic and innovative, established on the estimated fortune of Elon Musk.”



Safety & Security




At DEM token , we take safety and security seriously

"DEM TOKEN prioritizes security with advanced encryption and decentralized protocols, ensuring a safe and resilient digital asset environment."

# About Us

Welcome to DEM Token,

the Don Elon Musk Token, a project managed with dedication and transparency by the company PRIMS GROUP LTD.

**Registration Number:** 15212217
**Date of Incorporation:** October 16, 2023
**Head Office:** 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom

Our commitment to innovation, community governance and transparency defines our approach in creating and managing DEM Token. We believe in the importance of open and ethical collaboration to shape the financial future.

Join us on this unique adventure where confidence and prosperity meet.


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